Please follow the below instructions to learn how to practice the 5 senses grounding technique in its basic structured form:

  1. Start by taking a deep breath and bring your attention to the present moment.

  2. Take a look around you and find five things that you can see. It can be anything, big or small. Notice their shape, colour, and texture.

  3. Next, find four things that you can touch. It can be the chair you are sitting on, the clothes you are wearing, or anything else that you can reach. Pay attention to the way they feel against your skin.

  4. Now, find three things that you can hear. It can be the sound of traffic outside, the hum of the air conditioning, or the sound of your own breath.

  5. Focus on two things that you can smell. It can be the scent of your surroundings, the aroma of food, or anything else that you can smell.

  6. Finally, focus on one thing that you can taste. It can be the taste of a piece of candy, a sip of water, or anything else that you can taste.

If you have found this lesson helpful and you would like to have a copy in the form of a handout, please click the download button.

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