At times it can be hard to find the focus to fully immerse yourself in a technique, especially when you are feeling anxious or stressed. This can also happen when you’re trying out a technique to try and relax. You get stuck on trying to follow the guidelines but keep getting distracted. In these cases it can be helpful to try and make the technique more personal to yourself. When we try and link these evidence based techniques to experiences that make us feel good, it makes them even more effective. The following adaptations are just some of the examples you can try.

5 Senses Grounding with a pet

  • Visual: What colour is your pet? Does it have any particular features that makes it unique?


  • Touch: What does their fur or their paws feel like? What about their collar? Can you feel their heartbeat?


  • Hear: What noises are they making? Can you hear their breathing? What does it sound like when you stroke them?


  • Smell: What do they smell like?

5 Senses Grounding in a game

  • Visual: What does your character look like? Does it have any particular features that makes it unique? What colours are popping out?


  • Hear: What noises are they making or are being made? What does the background music sound like? Are there specific instruments used?


  • Other senses: imagine yourself in the game and how certain textures would feel, how would certain in game foods taste?

5 Senses Grounding with a treasured Object

It can be really helpful to focus your senses on one object. When this object also evokes strong positive feelings, this can further make the technique more effective. Notice what you see, hear, feel, … when focusing on the object.


You could use:

  • a photograph of a nice memory
  • a keepsake of a trip
  • something that was given by a special someone
  • ….

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