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The following resources have been collaboratibely created between Impact on Teesside and A Hopeful Space. These resources have been designed to support you in your journey to understand your difficulties and will help you with actionable and practical strategies to help you manage them.

Impact on Teesside Resources

Impact on Teesside has specific resources that they provide their clients with. This involves recordings and slides of groups as well as specific resources from specific support parts of the service. If you want to have more information about these resources or would like to sign up to attend one of the groups facilitated by our experienced facilitators, please contact us by either emailing or by phoning 01642 573 924.


Impact Groups

You can view the Impact on Teesside group recording and slides here.

Full Courses

The following course are provided by A Hopeful Space and provide information, resources and signposting about specific topics:


Perinatal Mental Health

What is perinatal mental health, which symptoms can you experience and how can you start managing it?



Learn more about how sleep affects us as well as learn practical skills how to improve it.


Suicide Awareness

What are suicidal thoughts? How can I help myself or others?


What is ADHD?

Learn about what ADHD is, how it might affect you and how to start managing the symptoms.


What is Anxiety?

Learn about what anxiety is and how it might affect your day to day life


What is Stress?

What is stress, how does it affect your day to day life and how can you start managing it?


What is Trauma?

What is Trauma and how does it affect you in your day to day life?

Coping Strategies

The following coping strategies have been provided by A Hopeful Space. These practical and actionable strategies are designed for you to try them out to help you manage the symptoms of your difficulties. As with all new learning, it can initially not feel very effective. Be patient and kind with yourself whilst trying these out and give yourself a few tries with each one you feel could help you. It is more important to try and make them consistent that to do them perfectly. 


Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques can help you manage your stress and anxiety.


Challenging Thoughts

Challenging negative thoughts and beliefs can help manage the patterns you get stuck in.


Everyday Mindfulness

Turning every day tasks into a way of refocusing ourselves on the present.



Learn actionable coping strategies to manage your energy levels from day to day.


Grounding Techniques

Grounding Techniques help you focus on the moment to ease your anxiety


Hopeful Sounds

Sounds that can help in many different ways. Come and have a listen!


Practicing Kindness

Practicing kindness can have a positive effect on our relationships and ourselves.


Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques can help you reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep.


Visualisation Techniques

Visualisation techniques help us to refocus our thoughts and calm our minds.


Working with Triggers

Learning how to identify and manage your triggers can help your overall wellbeing.



Writing exercises are a good way to express yourself and gain insights about your life.

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