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Hello and welcome to a Hopeful Space!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know this organisation a little better.
My name is Davy De Geeter and ever since I was little I have loved connecting with people. It always seemed to happen naturally that people started sharing their life stories, even if that was whilst serving them at the register in the record store I was working! This meant that I knew from a young age that I wanted to learn how to support others as best I could. 

This journey took me from obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology to getting a Diploma in Group Analysis and then finally to becoming a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. It has allowed me to support people from all walks of life to manage their emotions and thoughts in more helpful ways and take back control over their life.

And then… 

The pandemic hit and we had to all change our lives in a few weeks time. During this time I found it difficult to relax at times and the daily walks weren’t cutting it.

It was at this moment that I rediscovered my knack for solving puzzles and problems by implementing digital solutions. I started creating apps and mental health content and besides it directing my extra energy towards something, it also helped support other people in my organisation and outside of it.

With the increase of anxiety and low mood during the pandemic, the lengthy waiting times for free therapy and people sometimes not knowing where to start their therapy journey, I felt I wanted to create something that could help with these problems.

A Hopeful Space is the combination of my wish to support people and solving those specific problems with digital content

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